Seattle OCD CBT


Break your dysfunctional thought, behavioral and emotional patterns with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Seattle OCD ERP


Gradually face your fears with Exposure and Response Prevention.

Seattle OCD Structure


Our goals based treatments are structured to allow you to see steady progress over time and get back to life quickly.

Seattle OCD Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Gain the benefits of CBT & ERP in a group setting.  You will be able to see that you are not alone and see how your contributions will empower you and others in profound ways.

Seattle OCD Family Therapy

Family / Individual Therapy

Treating someone with OCD within a family context requires treating the family and the individual.  Those suffering from OCD will learn how to manage themselves and the family will learn how to support the family member with OCD without creating an environment that accomodates and perpetuates the OCD condition.

Seattle OCD Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows you to gain the benefits of CBT and ERP in a highly customized way.  The therapy will be all about you and what is happening to you right now so you can get on with life.

Seattle OCD Do I have OCD?

Do I have OCD?

You've taken several online self evaluations and are still wondering if you have OCD. Another self diagnosis will not help. Schedule a free consultation and answer this question once and for all. There are no obligations and if we can't help you, we will point you in the right direction.

Seattle OCD Ready for change

Ready For Change

Understanding that you need help is a major milestone.  People often go untreated for years before seeking help.  Now you need to find a qualified therapist with whom you have a good fit. Schedule a free consulation to see if cobeth is the right fit for you.

Seattle OCD Qualified Therapist

Wasting Time

Do you have the sneaking suspicion that your current therapy is not addressing your OCD? If your therapist is not qualified to treat OCD, you are right.  OCD has symptoms that are often unrecognized in unqualified therapists or if recognized they are not treated correctly.